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To provide a practical, modern, fun but most of all high level creative training. We want to inspire and guide young artists on their creative path to become autonomous in the professional industry.

We teach from the knowledge we are never done learning ourselves. With practical experience, guidance, technical skills and feedback our teachers help you to Amplify Your Talent.

There is not one right way to do it, there is only YOUR way.

Our Mission


Hanneke Willems (Head acting trainer)

Hann, age 37 from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Studied musical theatre and graduated successfully from the Theater school of Amsterdam where she got her Bachelor of Arts. Besides being a working actress since the age of 12, she also played an important role in the casting industry - Hann has worked for over 9 years as a casting director for feature films, TV series and TV commercials. Because she was specialized in casting children for main characters, she became especially interested in coaching and training new faces for the acting field.

Since her arrival in Vietnam in 2016, she conducted the casting for the 4 main characters of the feature film 'Xuong 13' of director Phan Minh (Trum Co, Toc Co Va Duong Cong) and coached the 4 young actors throughout the filming process. Recently, she trained the lead actors for the feature film 'YOLO' (2019).

Hann also was one of the main acting teachers at the Saigon International Film School. She now travels back and forth from HCMC to Amsterdam for her work as an actress & acting coach.

Reinier Blommaert (Head audio trainer)

Reinier Blommaert, age 39 from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Reinier has over 25 years of experience in the music industry. He started playing bass guitar at the age of 9, experimenting with computers and 4-track recorders while adding electric guitar and piano to his skill set. Studied Music Technology at HKU, and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in music production from the University of Portsmouth (UK). Started working as a post-production sound engineer, working for international clients like Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Dolby and various advertisement agencies.
Switched to working fulltime on music composition, production, recording, editing and mixing , for international clients like Eminem, Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Paul Simon) and 2 Unlimited. In the meantime, Controverse Creative was founded, specialising in music composition & production, live performances, show production, musical direction and sound engineering.

Reinier has over 12 years of teaching experience (including the world-renowned SAE Institute).

Hanneke Willems, head acting trainer
Reinier Blommaert, Director and Head Audio Trainer
Our Trainers


Orange Wolves wants to make high level creative training available for everyone, that’s why it is essential for us to support the local community in our own way - through art. We love what we do and we share what we do with love. Investing in education is the key to success and personal growth. Better education means equal opportunities for everyone.



Each course students can apply to participate in the course free of charge, because talent and ambition don't always come with a greatly filled wallet. This way we can also reach talents with a limited budget to enter and participate in our training without having to worry about the costs. Of course we keep all information about our sponsored students completely private.

Both our adult courses Electronic Music Producer (EN/VN) & Film & TV Acting (VN) offer 1 sponsored spot each term (10 weeks).


The sponsorships require 1000% effort and 100% class attendance.


Do you want it?? Apply through sending us your motivational video to before February 1st, 2020.

Orange Wolves Gives Back

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